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After years of research, Ag Tech Services has found several companies whose products and agricultural philosophies meet our requirements. Those companies and their products are:

Dr. Michael Holmes, owner of HolmesENVIRO is a formulator of biological inoculants. His products are based on plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). They are highly concentrated and aid in root development, natural resistance, and nutrient cycling. Soil applied products are Hyper Galaxy™ and Enhand™. Foliar applied products are Red Tail™ and Stealth™. Check out their Web site for further information.

BioHumaNetics, Inc.
BioHumaNetics is a formulator of highly-efficient foliar nutrients, soil nutrients, and soil stimulant products. All products begin with the base extractant from leonardite which contains a high concentration of micronized carbon. They also have naturally occurring plant enzymes, and vitamins. SUPER PHOS™, VITOL®, and BREAKOUT® are their main foliar products while the biopesticides PROMAX™ and PROUD™3 round out their extensive product line. Check out their Web site for more information.

Stoller, USA
Stoller USA is a leading manufacturer of products designed to stimulate and enhance crop production systems. Their products include plant hormone regulators, as well as plant growth hormones. Both foliar and soil applied products aid in proper hormone balance at particular stages of plant growth. Stress relief, increased root mass and more reproductive growth is the end result of using products from Stoller USA. BIO-FORGE®, STIMULATE™, ROOT FEED™, and SUGAR MOVER™ are just a part of Stoller’s well-rounded product line. For further information please check out their Web site for more details.

The products discussed on this web site are specialized and specific in nature. It is for this reason that Ag Tech Services, LLC does not sell directly from the web site. If you are interested in any products, please contact us so we can determine which product will help you achieve the desired results. Click here to contact us.

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